• Teacher Website Help
    Information on how to create and edit you teacher web pages

    As a teacher at Vermillion School District, you are provided with a "section" of the Website under the "Faculty" Tab. These sections are organized by last name.  Here is how you will go about accessing you "section" and then work out of the back end software in order to create and edit the "section" that we call your teacher Website.
    Directions for accessing you pages in the "Centricity" back end program.
    1. Go to the main web page
    2. Sign in (upper right corner of the page) with your user name and password
    3. Navigate to your faculty page - you will now see a "Site Manager" Link in the upper right corner of the page.  You will not see this "Site Manager" Link until you are actually navigated to your own faculty section.  If you have "Section Editor" rights to other areas of the web, follow the same process.
    4. Click on "Site Manager" this will take you to the back end "Centricity" Program where you can now view your pages.
    5. You have a default of 6 pages set up initially, but more can be added - or deleted
    You are now in your Teacher "Section".  As a "Section Editor" you have rights to edit all pages within your teacher "Section"  Click Here for a PDF Help Card for "Section Editors"
    Here is an explanation of your pages
    Welcome Page - This page has room for you to insert an image of yourself if you would like.  It also has area to insert your name, classroom, e-mail etc.  Don't forget your welcome message.
    About Me - This page is also a "Flex Page" meaning it has no required formatting (a blank slate).  I cut and copied my resume and inserted in on this page. 
    Schedule - Flex page that can be formatted how ever you want.  Tables are always an easy way to display schedules but you are the designer you it is your call.
    Homework - This page is an "Assignment" Type page. Click on this link for a help card on how to set up assignment pages.  Please ignore the 2nd page of this help card.
    My Blog - This page is set up as a "Blog" Type page.  It will allow you to create classroom blogs, insert podcasts, videos, images, etc.  It will also give you rights to "supervise" your blogs so that no inappropriate material is submitted by your blog audience.
    Class Calendar - This is your own calendar that you add too.  You will notice that certain "important" dates have been drilled down through the main district calendar to your.  Another thing to keep in mind is that your Homework assignments page will automatically throw those assignments on this calendars as well.
    I will presenting many more of the features that our new Website provides at future in-services.  Feel free to contact me with any questions you have on your site or the district site.
    Steve Kruse