• Mr. Justin Brunick
    BFA: Art Education, Photography Emphasis - University of South Dakota, 2009
    MA.SPED: Multicatagorical - University of South Dakota, 2016
    Career & Technical Education Certified Teacher, 2010


    High School
    Art & Ceramics (Room 13 & 11)
    Graphic Design (Room 14)
    Photography (Room 36)

    All student assignments can be found on Google Classroom and can
    be subscribed to on Google Calendar. Grades on Infinite Campus can
    be found under the Semester or Quarter 2 or 4 selection. 

    Advisor: Art Club / Yearbook 

    Art Club - Friday 3:30pm or as Announced
    Yearbook - Monday Mornings 7:30am and as Announced
    Contact Mr. B for more information! 
    Mr. B in Venice, Italy  
    Mr. B in Venice, Italy (Grand Canal)