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    Name:  Teramie Hill
    Grade:  9th & 10th English
    Room:   34
    I am excited to help students learn and grow in the reading and writing process.  These are tough but necessary skills to master, so please feel free to contact me with any questions and/or concerns about your child's progress in my class.
    While teaching, I have noticed a very interesting generational gap that you parents have likely noticed, too.  Due to growing up with cell phones, when given deadlines, this generation of students expect multiple reminders and confirmation of upcoming assignments.  To meet that need,  l use an app called "Remind" that allows students and parents to receive my announcements via text.  This app keeps everything private so that I don't see your cell phone number, and you don't see mine.  Just text the code to the number 81010, and you will begin to receive text message reminders and class information.  If you are a parent who does not want to receive alerts but still needs information, you can check out the course syllabus or curriculum map for basic course information.  Students should also take a picture on their iPads of the weekly lesson plans, which have weekly assignments listed, and they could even take pictures of the daily bell ringers and objectives/assignments posted on the Smart Board.  Students will get all of this information after school starts.  I also recommend that students use the calendar app and save their assignments for each class to become more independent and prepare for the work force or a college course that only mentions deadlines in the syllabus. 
    If you want to sign up for homework, quiz, and deadline alerts, please follow the instructions for your class.  I highly recommend students do this, but all assignments are also posted with the weekly lesson plans on the board, and instructions and deadlines are also posted in Edmodo, where students turn in the work.  
    Freshman English:  You must text the message @499hc to the fake phone number 81010 (for my privacy) to gain access to my 2018-19 Freshman English class alerts. 
    1st Semester Sophomore Composition:  You must text the message @f4aba6 to the fake phone number 81010 to gain access to my 2018-19 Sophomore Composition 1st Semester class alerts.